I happened to be in downtown Burbank this Saturday and the annual Car Classic event was going on.  I took the opportunity to wander around with my camera.

The event happens around this time every year and they close the main street (San Fernando Boulevard) to host it.

It was still setting up when I got there so there were quite a few gaps which were mostly filled by the time I left.  One thing that annoys me at these events is the popularity for leaving the hood/bonnet up.  I know people like to show off the immaculate engine bay but it ruins the lines of the vehicle from a photographic point of view

It’s a mix of cars from polished restorations to modified cars to full on custom cars.

I’m not a big fan of customs or heavily modified cars but they are often interesting anyway.

Sometimes I wonder at the poor aesthetic of some of them though like this one with what I think are terrible wheels and in my opinion ruin the proportions.



European cars were minimally represented which is as expected, notables being Lotus, Austin Healey and VW


I guess I’m more of a purist leaving the original car designers intent as it was; here are a few of my favourites.

There were a couple of exceptions to the norm here; one being a nive van with Snap On livery and the other a collection of mini bikes.

The police were represented too both in managing car movements and these two classic examples