I went for a ride yesterday and on the way, in the middle of the road, I spotted a bike light that had obviously fallen off someone’s bike shortly before I came along.

Worried that it would get run over and crushed I picked it up in the hope that I would pass someone coming back the other way with a concerned, hunting look upon their face.  I saw no-one that appeared to have lost anything.

I’m never quite sure what to do with things that are relatively low value when I find them.  Sometimes I pick them up and put them on a nearby wall so that someone looking can see them and the don’t get soaked by rain.  There was no suitable place here; it being just by a freeway entrance so I decided to secure it.

Now I have a light. It’s necessarily useful to me as I don’t have the mount it should have been fixed to.  It’s not an expensive light (<$15) so not worth handing in to the police or anything like that.  But someone doesn’t have it anymore and I know that can be annoying.

So I posted a message on a popular cycling website for a group locally in the hope that either he/she is a member or someone who knows them may spot it.

Did I do the right thing?  Should I have left it on the side of the road?  What would you have done?