So a few days I was battling with my self-inflicted bicycle dilemma of what to do with my bike which is wearing out; you can read it here 

To anyone outside my head, my thought processes may seem strange; my four year old bike is in need of a service so I need to buy a 30 year old one.  But sometimes things in one’s head aren’t always fathomable and that’s where I was/am.

I didn’t battle with this too long as after a bit of a deeper local search I found an interesting bike shop near by and found resolution. Oddly I had cycled by this store many times and not called in. Coco’s Variety is not your average bike store, they rent props to the film and TV industry, sell a range of random things that they find and have a full bike sales and service workshop.

I had spotted on their site a rather garish looking ‘Centurion Iron Man Dave Scott Expert’ in bright pink and yellow; it looked amazing and I had to go check it out.  I debated the price but after thinking about it I realized (or maybe convinced myself) that it wasn’t that expensive.  I had been looking at bikes that were being  sold by the owner on Craiglist and eBay and knew that I was taking a chance on the actual mechanical condition.  This was fully shop serviced/built and with some warrenty.

I had a ride planned anyway and this was within distance so headed on over after work.

The bike looked better in person than on the website.  A quick measure followed by a test ride and I was hooked.

I talked with the guys and mentioned my wheel issue and they offered to take a look. They confirmed that it was very worn and definitely needed new wheels.  Being the kind of shop that gives new life to older bikes they had some stock of lightly used wheels and I realised that this was a good way to go in getting my Motobecane into fully operational condition (without massive investment) which would then provide me with the two road bikes I need.

Deals were done!

image courtesy of Cocos Variety (

I now have a superb Centurion Steel racer and my Aluminium one is getting some new (-ish) wheels.

I also talked about my Schwinn and they were able to advise me on how best to handle that so I can at least maintain some space in my garage.  I’m also now thinking about getting rid of the fixie as I haven’t ridden it in well over a year.  I think four bikes will be good… for now…. perhaps a fancy new bike in a few months time if I save up; five’s a good number too  😉