I have had my Motobecane Mirage SL for about 4 years now and I’ve ridden over 5,000 fairly hard miles on it; that’s pretty good for a bike purchased for just under $450 (USD).

I’ve written previously about it here

It’s been very good to me and I can’t really fault it at all.  Now though it’s getting a little old and some significant parts are in need of replacement.

The drivetrain (chain and cassette) has been replaced a couple of times but now the wheels themselves are now making noises that they shouldn’t and new wheels means new drivetrain again.

I am sort of in a dilemma, a cheap (but good) new wheelset will cost a minimum of $300 so when you add the gearing etc it’s almost the cost of the bike new.  I have already  been toying with buying another road bike ais I want two good road bikes for regular riding; one at home and one at work as it will help with commuting arrangements.  I’ve not been looking at new ones though, this time I’d like a classic steel frame. The frame on the Motobecane is aluminium and that is another part of the dilemma; aluminium doesn’t last as long as steel and this one is close to that window where it could decide to fail (or not).

The thing  I don’t really want to replace this bike, I want to buy another but if I’m spending $400 on fixing/upgrading it that kinda eats up the majority of my budget.

I know I have other bikes and selling one of those is an option.  The one I would sell is the Schwinn but it needs a little work before I can do that.   and if I am lucky that only covers me for half this cost.

So I don’t know whether to invest in fixing this bike up or not.  I can probably do most, if not all the work, myself but there are pitfalls and risks and not something I can do in a weekend.  I guess I have to, but I am concerned about whether the frame last long enough to justify it.  Without an alternative I’d be off the road while I do the work.  Yes, I could use the mountain bike or the fixie for a short while I guess.  I like riding the road bike on the road though (the fixie is not comfortable) and so a second road bike seems even more attractive.