Prowling has been somewhat delayed due partly to the leaky roof and partly to a recent death in the family.

We have been progressing though and the leak hopefully has been fixed.  My friends and I recently lifted the air conditioning unit, replaced the gasket and sealed all around and so the source of the trouble should be sorted.

My fiancée and I then started to tackle the interior and what started as a simple painting touchup escalated.

Firstly on more detailed inspection the leak had caused more rotting than previously thought and rather than just replacing the layer of laminate a section of ply ceiling will also need to come out.

We also decided to repaint the doors and drawers and after removing them we decided that there was no way we could do that inside the trailer so we took them home.  They are now painted in colours matching the rest of the interior and ready to re-fit (once the ceiling repairs are done.

Newly painted doors waiting to be re-fitted

We continue to find nice little items for the trailer that we hope will make things a little nicer as we get into this vintage camping world; nothing crazy just period ice trays and kitchen items mostly.

We pulled up the carpet a few weeks ago and plan to put hardwood down once the painting is complete.  We feel it will be easier to keep clean.