A few weeks ago I visited the newly opened Los Angeles State Historic Park.  I understand this park has been a long time in the making and opened something like 16 years late.

Anyway it’s a nice open space close to Chinatown and Downtown LA, well worth a visit if you want to chill out.  It’s quite open and new looking, much of the trees and shrubbery still need to mature and it can only get better.  Considering it’s newly opened there was a lot of repair work going on but it was still nice to walk around for an hour or so.

I took my Voigtlander Bessa RF with me loaded with Ilford Delta 400.  I’m quite pleased with the results though they aren’t a contrasty as I would like/expect. I am not sure if that is part of the scanning or the fact is was a smoggy hazy kind of day so exposure was a little off or something; I can’t scan 120 film so have to trust my local shop on that.

here are the pics (the last one is my favourite);

BessaRFIlfordD40012490008 (Large)BessaRFIlfordD40012490007 (Large)BessaRFIlfordD40012490003 (Large)BessaRFIlfordD40012490002 (2) (Large)BessaRFIlfordD40012490001 (Large)

BessaRFIlfordD40012490005 (Large)