So a minor crisis has hit my working environment.  As I may have mentioned previously, Tea is my preferred beverage during the day; at least at work as beer drinking during the working day I understand is frowned upon here.  Also, I’m a bit of a snob about it too.

Anyway I was lucky enough to have the convenience of hot water being available from the cooler (yes I know that’s somewhat of an oxymoron)  at a temperature that was appropriate for tea making – all was well with the world.

Then a bombshell was dropped last week that the cooler had been recalled due to a fire risk and should be switched off.

I was informed that cold water would be available in the form of bottles in the fridge whilst an alternative was sourced.  “But that doesn’t help me with tea!” I protested; how was I to get hot water now?  This requirement was put at low priority as a coffee maker was available for the provision of hot beverages – damn that cultural gap; thoughts of Boston entered my head and I considered whether this was the start of a new Anglo-American war.

Further outrage was suggested in that the replacement cooler may only provide cold water! This is bordering a violation of my human rights!

I am debating investment of a kettle whilst clarification of the situation is made.  In the meantime I am reduced to using a microwave to boil water and I don’t know why but that seems just wrong.

Any further developments in this crisis will be reported by this correspondent from inside the emergency zone  for as long as possible