Now that I am moved and (mostly) unpacked I have been getting out on the bike again. As you will have noticed I am close to some beautiful landscapes which is encouraging me out more, in fact the picture above is from just a few minutes into my first ride from the new place.  Also my fiancée is now doing a morning workout so she kicks me out the door to ride most mornings in some sort of empathy trick.

At the moment it’s just short rides of a few miles whilst I remind my legs what they’re for and once they stop complaining I’ll get to the longer harder rides.

I won’t completely settle into a new routine until after my father’s funeral which is back in the UK so there’ll be a couple more weeks of feet finding (and inconsistent posting here).

There’s opportunity for both road and mountain riding so I should get use out of most of my bikes in the new locale.  Also the increased commute distance may make for more evening rides and I may commute more often; although the road isn’t great for riding so we’ll see.

I don’t post much these days about cycling so I will have to work on that and start some kind of thread.

I am thinking of getting another bike (yes I know it’s probably GAS) but I can see some good reasoning to be more flexible and I will probably sell one of the bikes I have.  In fact the cleanup and prep for sale of my Schwinn Continental will probably be the subject of a post or two.