I was reminded this week of what courteous driving is like.  Living the freeways in LA you rarely see the kind of thoughtful driving with care and attention to other road users. People always seem to be in a hurry and think nothing of cutting you up and taking that small gap you left in front of yourself between you and the car in front – without any indication.

Using indicators (or turn signals) to change lanes seems to be regarded as weakness, allowing other drivers to know you next move before you take advantage; because if they knew they would block you.

People treat the freeways like a race track and if they see a gap they will maneuver into it no matter the risk.

In my mind, we are all trying to get somewhere and we can all help each other get there.

This week though, a driver came into the middle lane to my left having turned left into the road I was travelling along.  They waited and used their signals to say “hey there, I’d really like to join your lane”  I eased off the gas and he moved across.  Then I saw his hand come up and wave acknowledgment.

It was nice and reminded me what driving was like back in the UK.