I stopped at an estate sale at the weekend and picked up some furniture and just as I was leaving I saw a case on a table with an Olympus Stylus 35mm compact camera inside.  It had a $30 price tag on it and also had 8 films with it.

I asked about it and they said they would take $25.

I was very tempted but I’m not really after a compact camera and haven’t been following that market.  I decided it was top end of what I would pay for that kind of camera especially as It didn’t power up (so wasn’t sure whether it worked).  It was probably not a bad deal just for the films (not that they were anything special) but in the end I decided not to buy; I have enough cameras right now that need my attention.

I did check ebay later though and it seems that those go for many times the price they were asking so maybe I missed out on a great deal.

Oh well nothing really was lost and the furniture was a great deal anyway.  Maybe someone else got a bargain that made them happy.

Have you had any good bargains or missed out on what might have been a great deal?