It seems that in yet another overreaction to unidentified risk, travelling by plane is going to get even more annoying.

It is likely that Homeland Security is going to ban “large electronic devices‘ on planes from Europe (in addition to the restrictions already in place for middle eastern type locations).

I really don’t understand this, what is it really protecting us from?  How many incidents of laptop -based bombs have there been?  

Everytime I travel I already have to take my shoes and belt off all because ONE guy had a device in his heel which he was unsuccessful in deploying even before these restrictions came into play – how many people with bombs in their shoes have been caught since this policy was introduced?  For that matter, why do some airports do it and some don’t?  It all seems so inconsistent that I doubt there is any real need for it.

Surely if an organisation is sophisticated enough to make a laptop bomb then they are capable of remote detonation and whether it is the hold or hand luggage makes no difference.  It all feels pointless to me, if someone wants to blow something up then they will find a way.

This new policy is expected to impact any device bigger than a phone, that means kindles, cameras, tablets etc etc.  That means if you need any of these on your trip then they have to be trusted to baggage handlers.  I suspect sales on some of these devices will suffer as I imagine kindle’s main market is with travellers.

Oh well what can you do but obey the rules – and take a vintage film camera as that wouldn’t be an electronic device at all 😉