What’s the difference between a collector and someone who has GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)?

Lately I have been constantly on the lookout for a camera or lens or something that I haven’t got and suddenly need.  I have cameras that I need to do something with and haven’t, yet I have already acquired another three cameras since I posted about the cameras I need.

Maybe this is getting out of hand.  I know some of what I have are destined for sale but I really want to put a film through them if possible to see how well they work.  Also some need either repair or sprucing up and I don’t feel I’m in a position to deal with them as I have too much else going on right now (house move, trailer repairs, wedding planning…).

I even bought a lens for a camera I haven’t got!

I need help!  It’s getting out of control!

Okay well that was over dramatic, sorry about that.

So is this GAS?  Or am I a collector who just needs to rein it in?   I’m not buying new gear or upgrading my digital camera so I am thinking collector.  That may be self justification though; what do you think?

I think I need to put a plan together and deal with things in some order, get the easy stuff out of the way then the interesting stuff and then the more difficult; like a project plan – geez! I am supposed be be a project manager after all.

There’s so much I want to do right now and I can’t seem to make the time.

Do your hobbies or pastime sometimes get out of control?  Is there more to do than you think you can do?