Does anyone know how it works/what this is as I am intrigued.  I saw this on Ebay a month ago with a starting bid of one dollar and it didn’t sell and now it’s back on again.  I would buy it just to work it out but the postage is a lot (due to the weight/size I guess) and I really don’t have the space for it.



I understand it’s a printer of some sort but I just don’t get it; so old school photography people out there, can you explain what it does?

The seller says “It appears to be in working condition. The red lamp comes on when plugged in and the white printing lamps light when handle is pressed down. It could use a good cleaning dusty for sitting around. I am not sure if the counter works but all three number reels are there. ”

I can see that there are guides to line something up and a handle that presses down with a number stamping part.  Lights underneath mean some kind of exposure but I like help to further understand.

Google hasn’t helped so far so I am putting this out to actual real people; feel free to pass on/share if you think you know someone who might be able to help me – it’s just curiosity so if I don’t get an answer I will just have to continue with sleepless nights for a while.