As I am unlikely to successfully take and prep many photos during the house move I was thinking what else I could post and due to some other blogs I have been reading my mind wandered to cameras I would love to own.

It’s not really on my list but a Leica does come to mind (or maybe it is on my list).  I have mixed feelings about Leica.  In some ways they are a little ubiquitous and somewhat of a cliché when it come to classic cameras but then again there is a reason they are so loved.  I have no idea whether I would get on with it as I have never touched one. I would be somewhat nervous to use such a thing for risk of damaging it.  Also they are economically way out of my reach and not an investment I think I would get much return on.  But they are lovely to look at and an important piece of equipment from a historical point of view.

I would rather spend money on a Voigtlander Prominent.  I could get a very nice one with very nice lenses for much less money than a Leica and it would fill the gap in my collection for a good 35mm film interchangeable lens rangefinder camera (ignoring the Feds).  They are currently above my normal price point but occasionally one comes close and I try my luck; so far without success.

A good TLR is on my list and I am interested in a Yashica Mat and also a Mamiya c330 as they are both very useable cameras and, although I do have a couple of TLRs, like many photographers the idea of a crank film advance is very desirable and neither the Halina I have not the Rolleicord have that.  The Yashica should be within financial reach and I am looking at a couple now so this post may go out of date quickly.  The Mamiya is a little more modern I guess (and expensive) being that versions were made into the 90s but it has always been a favourite so if one fell into my hands I would be happy to have it.

I would love to own a proper large format field camera, the 8×10 kind of thing.  I have a 6×4 and haven’t taken it for a spin yet but a nice wooden large format would be very cool to own (and use).

The Zeiss Ikon Tengor 56/2 box camera is a lovely thing and probably the king of all box cameras; I would like one of those to use. Or indeed a Kodak Beau Brownie No.2 which is (I think) a very beautiful looking thing.

I have always liked the clever design and the looks of the original (Alpha 1) Polaroid SX-70 folding Land camera (in tan leather).

Of course being a Voigtlander fan, any of those which I don’t yet have are on my list though I am patient for them to come at a reasonable price being as for the most part they will be for display and apart from the Prominent I’m not actively searching for any particular models (well maybe an Ultramatic CS).

So there you have it not an extensive list but as with all these things as soon as one comes off  there is always one more to add to the list 🙂

I have to admit I am quite impulsive when it comes to cameras and if I see something nice that I haven’t seen before I start to think that I want one.  Also if I read something by another photographer about a camera they like that also get’s me thinking.  I am trying to resist adding to my collection at the moment so I can really focus on what I have already and maybe thin it down a little.