As it was Easter this weekend we thought we would have a play with some chocolate.

When we were in Belgium earlier this year we stocked up on chocolate pieces just for such an opportunity.  Also last year we had picked up an old chocolate mold so we decided to test it out.


Pan, metal bowls and boiling water together with a thermometer was all the other equipment needed to temper the chocolate and pour it into the mold.

We filled one side of the mold (3 of the 4 compartments due to a miscalculation of quantity), closed it tight then flipped it over a few times to spread the chocolate around inside leaving it in the fridge for cooling. And waited….




…next day we cracked open the mold.


A thin knife down the side and hey presto! three little chocolate lambs.


Unfortunately it looks like we didn’t get quite enough distribution of chocolate on the bottom of the shape and one broke on removal.  The other two are whole but do have a hole underneath.  At least we know for next time and they’ll taste just as good.