Yesterday I published this post 100 another milestone  Yesterday was the 9th April.  The post is now showing as 5 days old and published on the 5th April.

So here’s what happened.  I started drafting that post last week when I hit 99 followers in the hope that sometime another generous soul would sign up for seeing my posts on a regular basis.  Then I let the post sit.

At the weekend A.R.T. Photography followed me (Thank you Andre) and as I was away from my computer I decided to publish the post via my android mobile.  I’ve had trouble before mixing draft and publish between proper browser and mobile app and again it was not straightforward.  It didn’t seem to work at first but I managed it (I thought) by opening the draft in my mobile browser and publishing it there.

So, it seems that it didn’t work properly and it published in the past.  So when you publish a draft using the app it doesn’t’ set the date correctly; has anyone else had issues with the mobile app?