I actually have two of these; an older G (pictured above) and a later GSM (below).  The GSM came with a job lot of cameras I bought and is in fully working condition.  The older one is also in good condition but the exposure control doesn’t appear to be quite working; I will take the top off and see whether I can resolve that.

Electro 35 GSN

The Electro is a really nice simple rangefinder that would make a good camera for those slightly less technical (or those after an easy life) as it’s semi automatic.  You can focus and set the aperture but the camera chooses the shutter speed for you and gives you warnings when you hit limits on this and need to adjust the aperture for better results.

It has an excellent lens (a 1:1.7) so should perform well in most lighting conditions.  The mark of good design in my view is how much the design changes over time (or rather doesn’t) and this was updated many times in the years it was in production and each time it was simply technical improvements with very little changing the original design.

Fun fact: the Electro 35 is the camera Peter parker (aka Spiderman) uses in the recent (2012)  The Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Here are some shots from the GSM

Shot on expired Kodacolor Gold 100
Shot on Kodak Ektar 100
Shot on Kodak Ektar 100

Shot on Kodak Ektar 100

81610004 (Large)
Shot on Ilford HP5 Plus

81610007 (Large)81610015 (Large)81610017 (Large)81610021 (Large)81610035 (Large)