This weekend we picked up our new travel trailer; well not new so much as it’s a 1969 Prowler but it is new to us.

We’ve been thinking for a while about weekend breaks and trying to avoid having to book a hotel or apartment and allow us to do slightly extended trips than are possible in one day.  We considered and RV but decided on a vintage trailer instead partly so we are not relying on the engine in such a vehicle but also size then becomes an issue for storage.

We’d looked at a few and found this one last week which is immaculate and original inside and as it was pretty much ready for use decided it was the one.  It maybe isn’t so pretty as some on the outside, but that kind of thing comes at a premium and as the interior with this one was perfect we didn’t see any point looking further.

So yesterday morning I dragged S out of bed to travel down to Riverside to collect it.  It wasn’t that early but Sunday mornings are often slow for us.  Anyway S drove down so that I could drive back. Hitching the trailer up was quite an exercise and Mike who is the previous owner was incredibly helpful and accommodating.  None of the hitch combinations were quite right and we realised that the sway control (a device for stopping trailers swinging about out of control) was not going to be usable for the trip home.  After a visit to an auto place to change a couple of things around we were finally ready to get moving.  With the age of the tyres and the lack of sway control we decided freeways were out of the picture and plotted a route at street level.

Just as we set off S decided we needed to stop off at a store and then we realised we were hungry so also ate.  Parking at the store was an issue with a trailer in tow so it took us a while to find a suitable spot in which to abandon it.  Finally, having eaten and shopped for the ‘essentials’ we realised it was much later than we thought and re-started the 2½hour journey over to the northern end of LA at a little after 4pm.  The journey was mostly uneventful for my first time towing; I learned that 45mph was too fast and that dips and bumps in the road needed much more attention.  It was a hot day and the sun was in our faces the whole way so that made it more uncomfortable (not that that stopped S from sleeping – nothing stops that in the car.

The place we are storing ‘the trailer’ (which is yet to be named) is on the top of a steep hill/mountain so the final leg was the most worrying part for me although the Bronco performed well in the end.  I managed to reverse the trailer into it’s spot and then the unhitching was the issue.  US hitches aren’t quite the same as UK ones so it took me some time to work out how to separate the trailer from the car (my bad for not asking before we left).  Anyway, I worked it out –  though not before splitting my jeans during my attempts climb about 😀

Then leaving it all tucked up in it’s new home we headed home via the grocery store tired and weary.  Time had been confusing us all day and it wasn’t until much later around bed time we remembered that the clocks had changed (daylight savings time in the US) and it was an hour later than we thought.  So that was why we’d been all confused.

Now, apart from new tyres and resolving the hitch issues, we need to kit it out with all the things we want for a comfortable weekend (or longer) trip and plan our first adventure.  I completely failed to take any pictures (some photographer I am) so here are a couple from the Mike the previous owner who as I said was incredibly helpful and a true gentleman.