So much going on, I hope I will be able to keep up with it all.

Okay, first up, I am getting married again so there is lots of planning for that over the next 18 months or so.  I’m not going to say much more about that here because the second half of this news is that….

I’ve started a second blog; I’ve noticed that there isn’t much out there on wedding planning from the point of view of the groom.  It’s all about the bride which admittedly the wedding is generally about too but the groom has a significant role and he usually has thoughts and wishes too.  I didn’t think that belonged on this blog so decided to make a spin off.  I decided to use a play on words for the title and couldn’t resist calling it The Carrot Groom – see what I did there, eh 🙂  It doesn’t mean much on it’s own but it amused me thinking about it.

Third, my Fiancé and I have just entered, or are about to enter, the world of Camping à la Travel Trailer or as we call them in the UK a Caravan.  Now in the UK these things are the scourge of roads on holiday weekends causing traffic backlogs across the country and I admit to having some hypocrisy in this.  But, here in the USA the amount of space on the roads and the distances possible make this less of a problem and I don’t want any nasty comments about that, okay?  Don’t think of is as a caravan and we’ll be okay.  So expect some more travel blogging and tales of the highway from now on.

A lot coming up as you can see and I might throw a house move into the mix just for fun.

I’m still working through my camera collection to bring posts about those along with pictures from them where possible and also showing you my regular images along with random thoughts.