You may or may not have noticed that I have not mentioned cycling much recently and to be honest it’s because I haven’t been riding as much.  But my belly is in serious need of control so I am trying to get back into full riding condition.

I didn’t realise how out of condition I was until Tuesday when I decided to ride with a group up Verdugo mountain which is close to me.  I decided to ride to the start rather than drive as it’s really not very far.  Getting to the start however was an 800 foot climb which after a later than expected start I wasn’t very fast at achieving and arrived too late to join the group and quite frankly in no condition to complete the additional 1500 feet to get to the top of the mountain.

Disappointed with myself  and reluctant to ride onto the trail in the dark on my own, I did a few shorter climbs and resolved to get back in shape.

Last night I  did a climb up another route of the same mountain to see how far I would get baring in mind the sun was getting low in the sky.  Again with the recent rain here I didn’t want to be riding too much in the dark alone as there are a lot of new rock slides and holes in the trail – not to mention coyotes 🙂

I took my camera with me hoping to get a few sunset shots etc.

I managed to do 900 feet up the mountain, the shadow cast by the sun on the lower hills seemed to be quicker than me though so had to get high for a few shots.  It wasn’t the top of the mountain but darkness was approaching.

Reasonably happy with that as a starting point I then rode back down and did a few road climbs to finish the evening off totally 15,000 feet of climbing for the ride in total.

I’ve said this before this is a great area to ride in; either mountain or road and there are fantastic views if you can get yourself up a few hills

Brand Library – start and end of my climb