Had a great weekend in Phoenix last week which will (for reasons I won’t go into) be a most memorable one.

Anyway, we stayed in an AirBnB apartment near the centre having driven all evening on Friday.  Yes, through all that rain; it was dry when we arrived however though that did not last as by next morning the rain had caught us up.

Saturday was spent mostly shopping around Melrose which has many many antique and thrift type stores along it.  It’s well worth a look if you are into that sort of thing and much lower prices than LA.  We do like that sort of thing and spent a fair amount filling the trunk with ‘junk’.

The evening was at a favourite in Phoenix; Fuago Bistro.  They serve Latin inspired food which is absolutely delicious.  The Bistro Cornbread is irresistible, you should try it.  We had to make an emergency stop on the way, as someone forgot her shoes to go with the dress she had brought but we arrived in time for our reservation… just 🙂

Sunday we had arranged to meet some distant relations for Brunch in Scottsdale which is just to the West of Phoenix; we ate at Hash Kitchen (or rather #as# as they present – it doesn’t work in this font).  Food there was good but unless you like loud clubby music it might not be for you as they have a DJ on Sunday mornings it seems.  Not sure if it is every Sunday or not; we weren’t expecting it and thought it an odd gimmick.

After that we tried to go to Taliesin which is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes.  Unfortunately all the tours were booked and there is nothing open to walk around so we left still avoiding the rain.

It did dry out sufficiently in the afternoon for us to stay in Scottsdale and head to the old town.  Scottdale is very ‘Western’ and the town still feels like some old town from the movies; but without the horses, dirt roads and gunfights.  It was very touristy in my opinion but quaint anyway.

It was here I managed to sample a couple of local beers and found two nice micro breweries Brat Haus and Craft 64; I can recommend them both.

Dinner was also in Scottsdale close to the Fashion Mall; we ate at Culinary Dropout.  They have live music there but not on that night unfortunately but we weren’t disappointed as the food was excellent; I recommend the ribs and fondue.

So far though the photography opportunities had been slim so Monday (Presidents Day) we went to Papago Park .  The weather came though for us and it was glorious.  I’ve already posted one picture from that day but here are some more.

It was then on to the 6 hour drive home which was only broken up by a brief stop at Ruby’s by Morongo where I did manage to snap the mountain opposite in nice contrasting light.