It was pointed out to me by Nicholas Middleton at Photo-Analogue (thanks to Jim at Down the Road for the prompt) that the 28th of February is ‘Take Your Box Camera To Work Day’.

It’s time to dust of your box and put it to work.  What? You don’t have a box camera?  Well what are you waiting for, get down to your local thrift store or camera shop or antiques emporium and pic one up.  Failing that, get on ebay (or your prefered auction website) and buy one – there are several hundred on there now for under $10.

They are easy to use and so simple that there’s almost nothing to go wrong; as long as you can see through the viewfinder to be able to point it in the right direction and the shutter clicks when you press it there’s not much else.  The lens needs to be attached and fairly clean and hopefully the box should seal to be light tight but it would need to be in very poor condition for that not to be so.

They’re not all boring like mine either they can be very nice looking and decorative in art deco styles and in various colours; check out where there’s a box camera revolution starting.

So, you have 7 days to get a camera and film ready and you can even share your images on Flickr here

Good luck!