This is one of my favourites and one of two (true) Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras I have.  It’s not the best TLR in the world by any means but I like the simplicity of it and it works very well.   I still have the original leather case which holds it very snugly and has no doubt protected it well over the years.

I think it looks really nice with the chrome features.

As I said it’s not the best quality camera; at the time it was low-end but it still takes great pictures.  It’s was made by Haking in Hong Kong around 1960.  It seems it’s almost an exact copy of a Ricohflex TLR made a few years before.

Make Model Film/format Year Lens Shutter Aperture
Halina AI 120 TLR 1960 1:3.5 80mm B, 1/25, 1/50, and 1/100 sec f2.8-22

It takes 120 film  which is still easy to come by.Loading the film is not the simplest, once open you have to pull out the interior and guide the film around it onto the take up spool.  The you put the whole assembly back in and close it.  Focusing is thought the viewfinder using the ground glass.  The focusing lens is linked to the taking lens via the simple gear around the outside.  There is a built in magnifier to assist in focussing accurately.

A haven’t put a film through this camera in years so here’s a few shots (unedited, as scanned) that I took some time ago …