So I have been doing this blog for just over a year now and I thought it time to take stock.  I don’t think I have lived up to my original premise exactly but it is definitely rambling.  I can see it morphing into something but still not really into any kind of rhythm with it.

It’s not the most successful or well read blogs by any means but that is more down to my lack of effort in pushing it out there or being regular with the posts and/or the subject matter.  Readers probably want to know what they are going to get and want a consistent feed.  I have amassed a whopping 79 followers had approximately 1,600 views, 1,100 likes and 300 comments from 700 visitors which is modest but I am happy with and grateful to all those who have given me their attention.

It has not gone unnoticed that I get significantly more interest when I am posting regularly and with some theme in mind.  I also notice that some types of post receive more attention than others.

So for 2017 I either carry on as I am or I need to step it up a little if I want greater success.  That will depend on how much of my time I have available and whether I have ambitions for this little blog beyond what it is right now.  I definitely have some things I would like to do on here and they are multi-post things that should put some frequency to my posting.

So thank you all for reading and liking and commenting in 2016, I look forward to hearing from you and in posting things for you in 2017.