I have recently been watching YouTube videos on various aspects of photography and very much like the work of Ted Forbes on The Art of Photography.  He does a few camera reviews but mostly focusses on photography as an art and does a series on great Photographers of recent history which are very interesting.

As you know I have challenged myself this month to publish a picture a day to get me used to my new Olympus whilst following a theme.  But that only takes me to December and I would like something to challenge me beyond that.  Ted Forbes to the rescue with perfect timing as he announces Photo Assignments.

This is not a competition or the usual kind of ‘look at me I took this’ or ‘rate my image’ type of thing.  It’s a monthly assignment to try to expand your skills and creativity.  It sounds right for me so I am totally onboard.

I am not sure yet whether I will post things relating to this as it goes forward, we shall see.  I just wanted to share with you guys as I know many of you are photographers and maybe you want to take a look.