Just a few days until Desert Trip where I’ll be seeing some of the biggest names in rock, see my previous post here.

In order to make my decision on what camera to switch to if I go Mirrorless I am renting an Olympus Pen-F for the event (having rented a Sony a6300 for a month or so ago).  Really looking forward to trying this camera out, it felt really good in the shop but the proof is in the pudding as they say.

If it performs like I think it will, I will get one ordered and put the rest of my gear on the market. If it doesn’t I will look again at the Sony and probably procrastinate some more.

I still have some doubts on this whole thing as I’ve been an SLR user for a long time, but overall I am in favour of the switch.  My only other misgiving is just a perception thing; if I ever went pro or semi-pro and whether I’d be taken seriously.  That’s not even a reason seeing as I have no actual plans (or the wherewithal) to do so and I believe that it shouldn’t matter as long as the pictures are great; that’s why I’m not really taking it into account.

It should be a fantastic weekend with great music and entertainment plus I’ll also squeeze in a trip to Joshua Tree; so hoping for some nice pictures which I will ofcourse post here  (and Instagram) along with a report on the field tests on the Olympus.