So the more I share my photos the more I want from them and the more I question myself.

I’ve touched on this subject before and recently been reading and listening to professional photographers and I feel like I am falling short.

I’m not saying my pictures are rubbish or anything like that but ultimately they are pictures of things that I see which in all honesty someone else standing in the same place could take.  I understand that maybe it’s my eye that chose to see the thing that way and that is where the art is (many paintings out there can be accurately reproduced and it is the idea and vision of it that matters) but if all I’m doing is sharing them and saying “hey! aren’t I great” and waiting for likes to come rolling in, I’m not sure that’s enough.

What am I adding?  What story am I telling?  What am I hoping that the viewer will get from my photos other than appreciation for a well composed and exposed image?

I’m not a professional and I’m unlikely to make any significant money from my images but I am sharing them with you so now I have to think beyond my own enjoyment of taking them, otherwise, what’s the point?  You have all generously given up your time to look at some of my work and if I want you to come back then I have to give you something more.

What’s missing is a story, some heart (or soul) or something that conveys something more than just a picture of a thing I saw that is technically good, which I can more easily share on Instagram.  Many of you are writers and your pictures illustrate your creative writings or you are documenting your lives and sharing because there is something worth telling.  I’m not doing either of those (for the most part).  I’m just taking pictures of things and sharing them (plus making a few random posts on other subjects).

I need to shift gear somehow. I think I’m taking the easy option and photographing things that stand still and were created by someone else.  I need to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.  Use photography to tell a story that my current modus operandi isn’t really capable of.

After my holiday/vacation next week I will be re-thinking this and imagine a project that is worthy of your interest; thank you for your support so far, this has been interesting (for me) so far but either I change this or let it die.