I know, I can’t help it.

I have added five more cameras since this post and sold one so now I’m at 29.  First off I bought this Voigtlander which I have already shared, at the same time though I picked up a lovely little Kodak Brownie Holiday.

IMG_8431 (Large)

Technically this is my girlfriend’s but as I bought it I’m including it in my list 🙂

As you can probably tell I love old cameras and a good one can be expensive and so, as I am technically minded (I was once some kind of electro-mechanical engineer) I decided that rather than buy cameras that are high-priced but in full working order (assuming the seller is being truthful and accurate) I could just as well buy known faulty ones for a lot less and fix them up myself – it just takes learning.  Best not to practice on rare and valuable units though so I picked up a pair of Ricoh 500s for very little money and will be tearing them apart and making at least one fully working unit which I’ll either keep or sell depending on what I think.

IMG_8447 (Large)

Finally, I have been hankering for a an old Russian Leica copy a Fed-2 and whilst browsing eBay I stumbled on this Fed-3 for not too much and sounds like fully working order.  I struggled to resist and made an offer.  After a little back and forth with the seller throwing in a couple of films to sweeten the deal, it was on it’s way to join my collection.

IMG_8444 (Large)

Very happy with this; I just need to sell a few things so I can afford my next camera which will possibly be an expensive one (for me anyway) as the lenses alone for the one I want can go for $300.  I’m hoping to spend nothing like that especially if I can get a fixer-upper.

At some point I will share some pictures taken using these film cameras i just need to get around to working out my scanning system.

BTW if anyone wants to buy any vintage flash guns or other random stuff let me know 🙂