Halfway through writing this I questioned whether I should and almost deleted it but I decided to finish it and then I thought again whether I should post.  In the end I decided to go ahead.

What is happening to us?  It’s happening everywhere.  People are hating and killing and it didn’t used to be like that.  I’m not naive, I know that hating and killing went on but over the last few months (or maybe years) it feels like it’s getting worse and in some way becoming the new norm.

Police shot an unarmed guy in the street (again) last week, a shooter killed people in Munich and still more shootings in Florida over the weekend…

It’s not only shootings it’s a general move to a fearful hating think only for yourself society which governments are not helping by making laws and procedures in the name of ‘security’ in a vain attempt to reduce acts of terrorism.

Trump, Brexit and other political motions are pushing towards a more and more segregated society which is surely the wrong way.  We should be moving into one society, one people, one human race.  I don’t care about countries and migration; if people can move to another country and do a job that someone nearby doesn’t why is that bad?  If that local person really wanted/needed it then it would have happened.  I’ve been turned down for jobs and I have never questioned whether whoever got it was from somewhere else; it’s not important.  Not me, move on.

I am always impressed that people I have known, have travelled from one side of Europe with little more than the money in their pocket and without speaking much (if any English) and managed to find a job, work well at that job, learn the language find somewhere to live and become a member of a community.  That is something to be celebrated, not feared and berated.  If someone can ‘take’ a job from someone who believes it’s rightfully theirs (with no money of ability to communicate in the local language) then shame on that person who can speak the language and knows the environment to not convince whoever to give them that job.   I know that person will say but they work for less but is that really a reason?  If they really wanted the job then they woudl have taken the money.

I had a friend who came from Poland, knocked on doors in the street saying “do you have any jobs” the company I work for is a software company and they accepted him in and listened to him; gave him a job as a software developer, he designed a new product that we hadn’t had before.  He then off the back of that, started his own company and sold products back to our company, earned enough to buy himself a nice sports car etc etc.  Surely you have to be impressed by that kind of effort and work ethic.

I’ve gone off topic here slightly. people in other countries aren’t the problem.  You are a person from another country; if you wanted to get a job somewhere else would you want to be prevented?  It’s one world and everybody has a place in it.  Just because some people several hundred years ago drew some line marking ‘their land’ doesn’t mean we have to fight about it.

Maybe it’s down to social media?

It is very easy these days to post some meme or share some opinion we’ve read or directly attack something without really thinking and mostly not caring about the consequences.  How much better is the world following that meme you posted which accurately captured your anger and frustration at some issue in the world?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t point out issues and discuss.  But does it really change anything for the better when it’s done on social media?  Has a heated debate on FB actually ever resulted in that other person turning around and saying “oh yes I was quite wrong in my  narrow world vision and you have completely changed my mind”?

Maybe it’s religion?

I have beliefs, you have beliefs.  Mine aren’t about gods, your’s might be.  But it doesn’t matter to me.  You believe what you need to believe to help you fulfil a useful life and so do I; we don’t need to fight about it.  Why does it matter to one group that another group has different thoughts on god or whatever?

Maybe it’s governments and those in power trying to pit us all against each other so that they can invent wars and build weapons and increase their power and money?  Wait…


I was brought up to keep opinion to myself and to share facts when required.  Yet here I am offering an opinion on the world I see and I doubt it serves any purpose other than to vent my frustration.  It seems I am now an example of what I suggested above.  If you’ve read this far you are either nodding in agreement, getting frustrated by the reality I am presenting, maybe getting angry in agreement or possibly in disagreement you might be thinking here’s another one ranting and letting off steam.  I doubt you are the leader of a country or social or religious group who is going to stop whatever you are doing and say oh yes it doesn’t have to be like this we just need to love each other and you’ll meet up with everyone else and fix this.  You are probably like me just a regular person without much power beyond your mouse.

I’m going to stop writing this and make it my last opinion piece and from now on I am going to stick to facts and humour.  I will use the BBC’s mission statement formulated by its founding father Lord Reith to “inform, educate and entertain”. So join me and stick to that let’s stop and think, maybe not propagate that opinion you just read, don’t share that potentially offensive meme.  Let’s just share pictures of cute animals and funny videos of people falling of roofs or even better just share our own creations in words or pictures.

Come on people.  We are all in this together.