I am very happy this morning.

A few weeks ago I purchased a hummingbird feeder, loaded it up with homemade syrup, put it out on my balcony and went off on my business trip to Canada.  When I got back it was empty.  I wasn’t sure if that was evaporation or whether something had actually eaten it all.

This morning I opened my door to collect the feeder and top it up and immediately an hummingbird flew down and sat in the tree branches opposite me.   My first thought was where is my camera – downstairs – damn.  So I just stood there and watched.

After a minute or two he flew off the branch and almost right into my face hovering momentarily about 12 inches in front of me.  He then returned to the branch.

I decided to use anthropomorphism and take this as him saying “go on! go get your camera, I’ll wait for you”

I dashed downstairs, grabbed my SLR and was back at the window in less than a minute.

As soon as I was back at the door, he left the branch and went to the feeder.  I grabbed a few snaps with the set up as I had it.

IMG_7734 (Medium)IMG_7737 (Medium)IMG_7738 (Medium)IMG_7739 (Medium)IMG_7740 (Medium)IMG_7741 (Medium)IMG_7742 (Medium)IMG_7744 (Medium)IMG_7748 (Medium)IMG_7749 (Medium)

He must be a showoff bird and knew I was hoping for great pictures from him 🙂

Expect more (better) hummingbird photos in the future