I’m sitting here with not much to do (waiting at the airport) and I have been looking at some of the blogs I follow.  And I suddenly thought what is the point of photography?
Or more precisely what is the point of my photography?
I understand the high end,  fashion,  news, art etc but do I fit in there? No,  it’s alright I know that I don’t. So why?
For example; I follow a photographer on the site http://www.peelingwalls.com and I see the point of that.  Peeling walls is documenting a fall in society,  a city that has seen better times and is showing us that our lives,  the places we go to, are fragile and in ten years they may not be here.
So what am I doing? how am I contributing?
Am I just filler with my random and shallow images?
I’m not expecting answers here.
Maybe that is my role,  a casual aside,  unprovoking words and images that may amuse and fill a few seconds of my reader’s time.
I’m not sure whether I am comfortable with that thought.
Maybe I am belittling what small entertainment is and how that has value.  Trouble is that I have no mission,  my environment is pretty good,  I’m not angry. I’m not unaware eithern I do have ideals and I see problems in the world.  I don’t think this blog is the place to fix those though.  So I just have my thoughts and my photography to give right here,  right now.
I will have to deal with the insignificance of that I guess.