I am going to start a new project and it will be called ‘Project 207’. This is mainly a photo project but I’m not putting any boundaries around it.

The idea here is to feature the number 207.So that whatever I post will have that number represented in some way.

The inspiration behind the number is from a key tag (fob) that I picked up recently from a flea market which is an old numbered disk possibly from a hotel or some such.  Anyway I picked up the tag because the sum of the numbers was 9 and that fitted a Flickr group I am a member of which only allows pictures of the number 9 or any number divisible by 9; odd I know but kinda fun and makes you look and think a little.

I quite like the tag for some reason, maybe it’s the patina or something and decided it should have some further use – albeit as inspiration for some more photography; I will probably put some pictures featuring the tag especially when there is a lull in sightings.

From now on I will keep my eyes out for that number  and try to take a picture where ever I see it.  The nature of this means that a lot of this will be using my phone camera so apologies for any quality issues.

I’m hoping this will be fun and provide some interesting shots – we shall see.

here’s the first picture which is the picture I used for that 9 group.