I realise I have failed in one of the primary subjects of my blog as I have only submitted one post about Gin.  In my defence I did state that “I reserve the right to talk about any, all or none of these [subjects] as I see fit” So nuh!  (is that how you spell nuh?)

Thinking about it, am I the only  one who had a childhood that used “So nuh!” as a rebuff? maybe I should translate – so, it just means “So there! I have made a statement that is incontrovertible and you have no way to come back at me so even bother thinking about it” See?  two ‘words’ shorten a 26 word sentence – children are so economical when it comes to words.

Anyway back to the subject of this post, which I have to say feels a little irrelevant after I discovered another blog which reviews gin in a much better and more professional way than I ever will (see Gin and Nosh).

Anyway, sorry I keep getting distracted.  In my first (and only) Gin post I mentioned a limited edition gin from Tanquerey called Bloomsbury, well I finally managed to get a bottle.  And what a great bottle of gin it is, or rather was since it is nearly all gone.

This really is a good gin, don’t have it with Schweppes though or any other overpowering tonic, something like Fever Tree or just have it neat.  It is actually very nice on it’s own over ice as a sipping gin.

Now then where is that bottle……