This Sunday I had time for a ride and so decided to go off-road again.  This time I decided to stay close to home and as I live on the foothills of the Verdugo mountains it seemed the obvious choice.  

A 10 minute ride later and I was at Brand Library starting my ascent.  I have never done this route before although I had hiked up this mountain it was via a different route and towards a different peak.  I didn’t know quite what I was letting myself in for.

What I got was an hour of almost constant climbing on mostly dirt roads specifically approx 2,000 feet of climbing in 3.5 miles of track.

About halfway up, it was difficult to tell how much further it was to go as the roads kept disappearing into the unknown

It wasn’t the most interesting of rides to be honest, just hard slog but the views from the top were pretty darn good.

At the top, a convenient bench gives you somewhere to rest after the climb
Looking back down the hill you can see the road I had just climbed.  In the distance you can see downtown LA and the hill to the right is actually Griffith Park which looks relatively small from up here 🙂

I definitely wasn’t the fastest, many people have cycled up that route in under half the time I did and a guy, who arrived at the top shortly after me, had run it in a smidge over 1 hour.

Once you are at the top there are tracks/roads that take you along the top past the various peaks, I didn’t have time to explore so after a brief rest headed back down.  That was more fun and of course much faster.

The descent

As I had stayed off the saddle the whole way down my calf muscles were complaining by the time I reached the bottom.  17 minutes from top to bottom, again I am not the fastest; on an off-road descent like this with loose sand and gravel I am usually relatively cautious.

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