Americans and more specifically American shop workers are so freakin’ helpful.  As a reserved British person, sometimes I like to anonymously walk into a shop, browse a little and walk out without anyone noticing; you’re not allowed to do that here.  And I am not only talking about little clothes shops here, I’m talking any shop.

I recently went into a store, a large auto parts store.  Now in the UK you can almost be guaranteed to be left alone to ponder in such a place but no.  I casually walk in with the intention of seeing what they had in the way of a fuel cap; just a cheap generic cap to replace the one I had stolen (yes I know, go figure).  I wasn’t really bothered and I was partly wasting time but two steps in and… “Can I help you sir?” Now even a reserved British person cannot be impolite and respond to such a question so I had to engage and say what I was looking for (hoping for a UK typical response of “oh you’ll find those over there” but no it was “what size?, what is the make, model and year of your car?, let me look that up, oh yes here it is, I have that in stock, just… here”.

Good grief.

This picture isn’t really related , just one I took this week.

Flowers, just because