IMG_7214.JPGSince moving to the US I have noticed the use of leaf blowers is very prevalent and even in the short time I have been here seems to be increasing.

I guess this is a bit of a rant as they kind of annoy me since they don’t appear to serve any purpose.  I see them in residential areas and more comonly business and street areas where guys walk around blowing leaves from one place to another.

The thing is that there is no control of where the debris blows.  The laws governing how gases (air in this case) expand when pushed under pressure surely show that the movement is outward in a fan shape.  This means that when you blow a load of lightweight material it spreads out; this is quite the opposite to what you would want if you were trying to clean up leaves.

Yet day after day I see guys blowing stuff off the area they have responsibility for and the following day another guy blows it back the other way achieving nothing but increased dust in the air for passers by and fumes from there little engines (which are noisy).

Why has this become so widespread? Laziness I guess and some sort of marketing that it is labour saving and cheaper/better than the alternatives.

Gone it seems are the days when a broom or rake is used to scrape all the unwanted organic material into a pile which is then then placed into a container for removal.  No, today we just blow it away and try to make it someone else’s problem.  I am sure that in the past it would have been very frowned upon to sweep or deposit mess onto someone else’s property but not anymore(?)

Surely the perpetual movement of debris around our streets cannot be cost effective, healthy, sustainable, useful or sensible.

I would like to nominate leaf blowers as one of the most pointless inventions in history; they are noisy, polluting, expensive toys that have absolutely no use or benefit to society; they should be banned.

Bring back rakes!

A rake worked really well; it was cheap, made almost no noise, running costs were negligible, storage space minimal, if looked after it would last a lifetime or two.  All you had to do was take it out of the shed, drag it across the lawn for a few minutes then pick up the pile of leaves and put them in the trash (or better still composting bin).  Brooms work just as well for hard surfaces.  And even better, you’ll burn calories using them!

Save your money! don’t buy a leaf blower.  Buy a rake then spend the hundreds of dollars you just saved on beer!  Then drink the beer in your newly acquired dust free garden.