Now that I am back into photo publishing, I want to keep up the momentum by not only making sure that each of my posts has a photo as illustration, but to do a new photo post every week from now on.

It won’t be on one particular theme but it will be called the ‘Sunday Shot Share’ or maybe the ‘Friday Photo Fix’ (votes or alternative suggestions welcome) I will try to set a theme for the next photo each time I post.

To kick this off as it was my birthday last week, here are a couple of pics from a trip my girlfriend took me on to celebrate and in honor of my daughter who leaves to go back to the UK after visiting this last two weeks; I shall miss her.


The next photo(s) will be on the will be  of all my cameras – a job of documenting I have been meaning to do.  My daughter would appreciate this as she has an old Polaroid as well as a new/retro Fuji and she is looking after my old 300D  – so she’d kinda into photography too (though snapchat seems to take most of her photography interest lately).

Hmm I had better get on with it as that means I need to average about 3 photos a day to capture them all in a week and be ready to publish – maybe the Sunday Shot Share will be a more timely title 🙂