Part of me starting this blog was to bring together some of the separate parts of my life into one thread, or at least a trunk with branches spreading out.  So far though this has been it’s own thing with zero cross-pollination.

I still struggle with the idea of opening myself up quite that much, why is that?  Is it something I should care about?  Is it a problem that this is my blog and it doesn’t link with my other social media channels?

I have four (or more) channels where I share photos and stuff; Here, Flickr, Instagram and Pixoto (plus an occasional Facebook and Strava).  Flickr is where I put my better stuff, instagram is for being silly and sharing with my daughter mostly but I have some other followers  so have gone beyond that.  Pixoto I haven’t used in ages and is probably going to wither and die from my point of view.  I also have an interest in another site for stock images.

All these outlets and not one of them knows about the other (unless you’ve been paying attention) I have different identities on all of them and different audiences where no one on Instagram know’s I have a blog and vice versa.

I guess I feel that here I am anonymous, no one knows who I am (I think) not that I am anybody, just that in general my friends and family don’t know about or read my blog (as far as I know).  This allows me to be a little more open, or so it feels.  Maybe it’s wrong that I am thinking it’s okay to spill my inner feelings and thoughts to an virtually anonymous and unconnected audience rather than people I actually know in ‘real’ life.  Not that I have even done anything like that.  I haven’t published any gory details of my pain and frustrations so what the hell am I worrying about?

I guess I have to decide on what the actual purpose of this thing is;

  • Am I writing this just for my own benefit and therapy?  I think not.  I don’t think I am sharing pictures just for myself.
  • Am I publishing because I want others to read it and to be part of something? – I’m not usually very needy.
  • Am I trying to reach out to a wider audience and express my creative spirit? ooo-er that’s a bit fancy
  • Am I trying to inform and be a place where people come for interest and maybe inspiration? It might be nice though maybe a little arrogant to have as a purpose.

Or do I have to decide?   It’s kinda a mixture of all the above and will be slightly different each time – I guess the title says it – it is the unorganised ramblings of my mind.

So, if I am to expand my horizons and reach a wider audience, be part of something and clear my jumbled up head then I am just going to have to open up – not all the way just enough to make this work, right?

Why did I even bother writing this post when I’ve kinda answered it anyway? – and why am I hitting Publish?