I love tea.  I really do.  It is one of the best things there are.  …and right now I have a nice cup full of it.

I have to say I am a tea snob though, I can’t stand those popular brands that are in most people’s kitchens; PG, Tetley etc. I think it’s because I don’t drink tea like most Brits; no milk for me, don’t let it brew very long and definitely no sweetening.  Nope I am a pure and simple guy.

My brand/type of choice for everyday drinking it Twinings Earl Grey also like a good Darjeeling and love Oolong and Jasmine.

I prefer good loose leaves, boiling hot water and no more than a minute (depending on the tea) to brew.

Sometimes, like today, it’s especially good and makes me want to go make another cup straight away just the same.  It’s probably a case of me being different and needing it more rather than the tea being that much better but either way it just makes me feel better and I can’t drink it quick enough.

Generally, American’s aren’t great at tea – it’s usually the water that’s not hot enough.   That being said, for my specific taste, England isn’t always great either.  Too often tea in UK restaurants or cafes is standard “builder’s'” tea over brewed in a large pot that’s been topped up all day, yuk! …all tannin and no real tea flavour.  You can find good places (here and there) and when you do find tea here is often better because they don’t have those generic blends you are usually offered a choice of tea bags and given hot water to make it in just as you like it.

Anyway, my tea is calling me  mmmmmmmmm