I seem to be out of sync with the challenges this week, I seem to be struggling to keep up.  After spending most of the day in meetings as I drove back to my side of town I considered the theme for today which was ‘Big’.

Lot’s of things are big I thought the mountains around be, enormous pick-up trucks etc.. all too obvious.  I considered big issues and whether I could be topical but doubted I would have much opportunity for that and time before the next challenge runs short.  Then I thought, maybe big here means popular or trending… which got my mind onto brands… MacDonalds, Starbucks etc.   Not wishing to promote those corporate monsters I suddenly remembered that right next to where I work is Bob’s Big Boy, one of the oldest burger chains on the West Coast and it has Big in the name!

So my friends here is my presentation of ‘Big’ with an attempt to get the child view from below.