I am struggling with myself over a post I read on a blog at the weekend which was a deep felt view into someone’s life and the journey that they are on.  It wasn’t a funny cat video or a meal they had eaten or a statement about some weekend activity;  it was about pain and struggle and how they are feeling about the changes they had been through.

This post was moving and deep and I wanted to let that person know that I had read it and that it meant something to me.

I couldn’t put into words what I felt about it at the time and so didn’t feel I could comment, also when you don’t know someone, I feel that uninvited commenting  is sometimes not appropriate.

I was left with the ‘Like’ button.

Liking something like this didn’t seem right, similar to posts on Facebook where someone mentions something about a death in the family or a memorial of an anniversary for a family member who passed away.  You don’t ‘Like’ something like that.

In this digital world it seems we are restricted in how we are able to respond.  The programmer who build the sites we use dictate how we interact with the people we connect and interface with.


Maybe it’s just in this digital world I am getting lazy and not taking the time to connect properly with people who influence our lives, maybe I should have waited and put those words together, maybe I should have written something that let that person know I had read and that what they were saying was important and moving.  I feel like I have failed now as a human being and that I succumbed to the easy option that took no effort on my part and conveyed nothing to the author of these words other than improving the stats of their blog.

Sorry world, I vow to do better.