After feeling I wasn’t doing enough photography last month I took immediate action.As my girlfriend will tell you this is rare for me as usually take forever to do things and she accuses me of procrastination all the time (justifiably I am sure).  Anyway, two opportunities presented themselves (my Taoist leanings satisfied); firstly an email landed in my inbox offering a daily photo challenge via Blogging University – Photo 101 (you may have seen results from that already) and secondly, a casual look at the few meetup groups I belong to (and sadly mostly ignore) had a street art walk about planned for the following weekend – conveniently my girlfriend had a brunch planned for that Sunday so I signed up.

I decided to double up my enjoyment by cycling to the event just a 30 mile round trip easily do-able.

Sunday morning the sun looked like shining I assembled a kit of two cameras (one DSLR and one 35mm rangefinder) some film and a lock.  I had thought of taking two locks but changed my mind at the last moment as I decided I had enough weight to carry.  An hour or so later and I was at the meeting place where a few were already gathered.  Time to lock up my bike and go introduce myself.  Problem.  In my last minute change of mind I had mistakenly brought the key for the lock I didn’t bring so I have a lock but no way of using it :(.  After a few moments of consideration I decided to trust that today was going to be a good day.  I place the bike in what I considered a safe place; behind a gate and away from casual viewing.  Took my equipment and hoped for the best.

It was a large group and we made slow progress around an area of LA where good and interesting street art (graffiti you might call it) is regularly updated.  I bunch of nice people to walk around with, some nice images to capture and beautiful weather.  Here’s some of what I got .

I know, I know… was the bike still there?

My trust was rewarded.  Bike was just as I left it, so a good day where many of my favourite things combined;  cycling, photography, meeting nice people, seeing new sights, enjoying the weather and I still got home for the afternoon with my girl… I feel that 2016 is going to be a good year.