<Warning soppyness Alert>

I had to think about this one as ‘Bliss’ is such a specific word much more than mere happiness.  I do a lot of things I enjoy but I’m not sure bliss is where they get me.

Cycling for instance is a major part of my life and I am very happy doing it; riding along with my wheels spinning underneath me gives me joy especially when done with friends.

Photo of wheel spinnning
The spinning front wheel of my bike whilst riding tonight

My bike gets me to places where I couldn’t or perhaps wouldn’t drive to and maybe that is where the bliss is; so I thought perhaps that I could put an image of where I got to tonight on my ride.

Photo of view at sunset
Great views across the valley in Burbank California at sunset

But that came with exhilaration and a heart pumping from the climb and I think ‘Bliss’ comes from more calming and tranquil activity   …maybe drinking a nice glass of Malbec on a warm sunny terrace overlooking a beautiful vista? – no chance of a picture of that tonight

I used to own a boat and I think bliss was certainly experienced whilst steering that along quiet waters in gorgeous countryside, like this;

Picture of canal
Cruising along the Shropshire Union canal

But that would be cheating again as it’s from my archive.

So as I pondered this last night, the answer came to me, bliss is having someone who you love falling asleep with their head on your chest – apologies for the poor photo quality, I didn’t want to disturb her.



Moment of bliss