So following my last post I took action.  Firstly I joined a group of fellow photographers in a photo shoot in central LA taking in the street art and trying to find some art of our own.  Photos from that session are on the way.

Secondly I signed up for a daily photo challenge via the Blogging University and today is day one for which the theme is Home.  I had to think about this one a lot as, partly due to my recent relocation, Home isn’t much about place so I was thinking about what makes me feel at home or reminds me of where it used to be.  As I went to sleep last night I had envisioned an image around a comfortable chair, with objects representing the loves in my life; my daughter, my girlfriend, music, photography etc… but the weather this morning provided me with a simpler answer as I woke to the sound of rain and thunder pounding the california landscape.

So, rather than the well thought through and creative image that might have made it to this post, here is the wet brick courtyard outside my home here in California taken with my mobile;