I’m really struggling with photography at the moment, I’m taking pictures but they are more of the tourist and social kind nothing worthy of printing, placing on Flickr or here other than to illustrate a post.  In fact other than posting here nothing of mine has got into the public domain since August last year… that is a sad fact indeed.

I’m not lacking inspiration it’s time I need and also I just need to get off my lazy arse and go take pictures…. or get on my lazy arse and publish some.  I have pictures waiting to be published  (I think) but last year I lost my database and so had the daunting task of re-reviewing thousands of photos… it kinda put me off.  maybe I should have just left it and got on with new stuff.  Anyway this is all excuses really.

Actually I think the problem is I have too much going on, I’m riding more, working on other projects, getting into LA life, buying stuff for my apartment, dealing with issues in the UK, etc etc (excuses again?).  I’ve been playing with cameras a lot lately as I have dusted off my camera collection and put the nicer ones on display.  That makes me want to shop for more when really I should be taking some of them out and using them.  I am most of the way through a roll of TMAX so it’s not a totally lost cause… but most of the way?  Why haven’t I finished it?  A film should never linger in the camera very long.

I just watched a film about a dutch photographer Jimmy on the Run which is very inspiring and I guess made me write this post.  My street photography isn’t as good as his and I’ve never really done a lot of people in my pictures, abstracts of buildings and architecture are more my thing.

I should just set a challenge for myself and do it, challenges usually work well for me especially if set by someone else with a deadline.