I love mornings like this morning.  I crept out of bed gently so as not to disturb the other occupant.  Slipped into my cycling clothes and with a brief sleepy kiss goodbye I stepped out into a crisp winter morning in California.image

This morning is definitely brighter as I can see the display on the Garmin without backlight (am I later today? I wonder).  I look up at the gloriously red painted sky and set off on my normal morning loop. It’s cold but not as cold as it has been and my fingers stay comfortable with the wind rushing over them.  It doesn’t feel any easier today than yesterday, I still feel like I am the slowest cyclist in the world.  But it definitely feels good with the sun slowly rising and the blue taking over from the red.  By the time I get to the top of the hill, morning is fully deployed and I can see across the valley as I cycle along the base of the mountain.

Not many people around yet today, garbage trucks trundle around like dung beetles robotically picking up trash cans and taking our waste away.  The odd dog walker nods in greeting as I pass, sharing brief agreement that we made the right decision to get up early this morning.

Once I complete my circuit, I re-enter my apartment in silence; nothing has moved since I left.  Coffee gets brewed and I return to a warm bed for few minutes of cuddle time before heading off to work… perfect.