.. so based on the fact that I did go for a ride last night, I am still a hardy Brit;… okay so it wasn’t actually raining but the roads were still wet and it’s not particularly warm.

I completed a couple of laps (14 miles) around my neighborhood and got a good view over Burbank; not a great distance but enough for now, especially as my girlfriend got a flat on her car so I had to go rescue her.

Not a great pic but you get the idea

Strava (a ride tracking website if you are not familiar) tells me I did a little over 2,100 miles on the bike(s) last year so the challenge is to up that to 3,000 this year (approx 60 per week); I rode another lap this morning, if I can keep that up and I should be okay.  Having said that. 7 mile laps around my neighbourhood will do for a quick morning exercise but isn’t going to sustain me; I think I will look for a bigger 100+ ride in the summer to aim for.  Not that I am limited to that loop, I typically do 20-30 hilly miles on an evening/weekend around Pasadena or Griffith Park which is good but I am so out of shape I struggle to manage that right now (without some company upping the pace – where are my cycling buddies?)…. it’s surprising how a month off drops your performance.

I do need a bigger ride though.  I did two century rides last year neither of which were in the US so it would be good to plan something more challenging over here where the scenery can be spectacular.  There was a mad plan with two of my friend to ride a ‘triplet’ a few hundred miles; that doesn’t seem to be happening this year maybe another time.

I also need to get off the road a bit and exercise the mountain bike as it’s been neglected of late.   Lonely mountain trails in the dark are not ideal so that will have to be a weekend activity for the next few months.

Sorry if this is a rambling kind of post, I’m just using this to get my thoughts together – although the title of this blog does state I might ramble so you get what you asked for here 🙂  I will try to be more creative and interesting in the future.