… just as I get back on my bike the weather in LA turns to monsoon conditions.

I managed a quick 14 miles yesterday in the dry and planned on morning rides every day before work plus a couple of evenings to get some actual distance in; then just as I set out this morning the heavens opened and it was just like being back in the UK…. Thanks El Nino!

It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon so this evening we will find out whether I have gone native yet or whether I am still a hardy Brit; willing to expose myself to the elements and get a ride in no matter what.

At this point some people would put in some supposedly amusing “Keep Calm…” reworking but as those things are one of my pet hates you won’t see it here… Ever!

Actually, the weather reminds me of the ‘White Roads Classic‘ earlier this year which was a new event inspired by the  Strade Bianche and takes in many chalk paths around the ridgeway.  Being in July it was hoped to be a dry ride but the UK weather is always up to surprise and so came a complete deluge of rain; I think I was possibly the wettest I’ve ever been.  A good ride nonetheless even if it was depressing at times, especially when a particularly thoughtful driver decided to go fast through a puddle and send the biggest of tidal waves over me.

My poor old vintage steel bike, although fitted the idea of the ride, got completely coated in wet chalk and mud and the handlebar tape unraveled itself. it took some cleaning to get it back to it’s old self.

Taken at the end of the ride which was when the rain decided to stop!

Maybe today is a good day for the mountain bike to get an outing and the road bike can stay in the dry.