At last i am back on the bike.  I stepped out on a chilly Californian morning in glorious sunshine, clipped in to my pedals and headed out.

The breeze hit my face and I was tankful for the extra layer I had put on; it wasn’t freezing it was just enough to make me feel alive and eager to generate my own heat from riding.

As I set off I heard the call from Griffith Park asking me to ascend its slopes and so the climb known locally as Trash Truck became my destination.  After a month off it was a little harder than it should have been and without a riding partner to shame me, I succumbed to taking it easy, to not go looking for a PR (personal record) and also not to take the fire road to go over the very top as I would often do.


Having not got the best view of the area I rode on down the other side and back across Burbank on a little  detour on the foothills of Verdugo mountains where another short climb was calling to give me at least one great view for my efforts and see Burbank sprawled beneath me.


What a great start to my day and and a great way to start the end to my year, this is what I love, this is how to spend a spare hour, this is what makes living here great, this is what I am going to spend a lot of next year doing.

Happy New Year