So Gin.  Thought it was time to get this underway.

To begin with my general go to gin in Tanquerey.  I like the sharpness of it and it is generally available – I know this may upset some people but I prefer it to Hendricks.  I like Hendricks but Tanquerey tastes more gin-like to me.

For tonic it really needs to be schweppes – Fever Tree is good for special occasions but for everyday use it has to be Sch… you know who (that probably dates me)  Don’t even try to offer me the Canadian stuff….

The picture above is from a place I recently visited in London called Copita

and I highly recommend you try it out if you are a fan of gin.  They serve good tapas style food too.  I had some interesting things in there with alternatives to the usual lime options and served in large goblets… mmmm.

No. 209 with citrus

No. 209 with citrus

Nordes - a Spanish gin, heavy on the Juniper
Nordes – a Spanish gin, heavy on the Juniper
Opihr with Ginger and Chillie
Opihr with Ginger and Chilli

I have a few other favourites when I am in the mood; a really tasty but hard to find one is from the USA, a small batch gin called  Greylock it is really good and it kind of combines the the best parts of Tanquerey and Hendricks – an almost perfect brew.  I have recently finished a bottle of Striped Pig –  store it chilled and consider trying it neat… I know, but try it.  A recent discovery is a limited edition from Tanquerey called Bloomsberry, I’ve only managed a taster but it was exceedingly good and I recommend you look out for it – another that could be drank without tonic I think.